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World's Worst PT 2 World's Worst Super Heroes Part Deux!
Mike's readers layeth the smacketh down...
Written by Mike on 8/21/02
X-Men Guest Submission: The Should Have Been X-Men Movie Heroes
W-D mainstay Chuck guests with a look at the X-Men movie..
Written by Chuck on 8/18/02
Superhero movies So, you want to make a Superhero movie?
A guide to conceiving your very own superhero movie!
Written by Paul on 8/15/02
Aquaman Aquaman: The World's Worst Superhero!?
Profiling the King of the Sea... smells like fish.
Written by Eric on 8/14/02
Batman Time To Get Batty
The new guys expound over all that is Gothamy...
Written by Jordo, Chuck, and Mike on 8/12/02
Hulkamania HULK! HULK!
And now, presenting the least educated article of Superhero week...
Written by Chad on 8/10/02
Wonder Woman The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman
Taking a look at the most popular heroine of all time.
Written by Mickey on 8/09/02
World's Worst Superheroes! The World's Worst Super Heroes Extravaganza!!11
It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a constant source of shame!
Written by Mike on 8/08/02
Smallville Smallville: Superheroic Teenage Angst at its Best
Superhero Week at Whatever-Dude begins with a look at how the WB gave the story of Superboy a facelift fit for primetime.
Written by Eric on 8/07/02


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