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BONUS: Rocky Dennis and the Fall of Troy
A close-up look at one scene in "Mask" featuring Rocky Dennis, historian
Written by Mickey on 9/06/02
Peeling off the Mask
W-D's Rocky Dennis week concludes with a staff analysis of his movie..
Written by Dave, Jen and Paul on 11/09/01
Our Tribute to Gar
This guy is so cool, that he has to refrigerate clothing to make it as cool as he is... No seriously, he refrigerates clothing.
Written by Those crazy Jersey kids... Jen and Dave. on 11/09/01
Rusty and Rocky Dennis
The love betwixt two social misfits
Written by Paul on 11/08/01
Second Stringers Part Two... (insert gratuitous mention of Electric Boogloo here)
...exploring some more of Mask's bit players.
Written by Dave and Paul on 11/07/01
Mask's Second Stringers (Part One)
Whatever-Dude begins its look at Mask's Rube Walkers.
Written by The W-D Staff on 11/06/01
A New Era of Whatever-Dude.com Begins
This site is about to get a heck of a lot more fun for everybody involved.
Written by Dave on 11/05/01

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