Talent show kills the Music star…

Posted 7/30/12 by Paul

In 2005, Shayne Ward was he standout performer in the UK’s version of “X Factor.” He had the look, charisma, the judges were up his backside (metaphorically, at least) and he nailed every performance. He was destined for superstardom, having won the show and a heap of plaudits. No sooner had the confetti been cleaned off the stage than Shayne was being deemphasised.

Seven years later and he has been dropped from his record label. For some reason, Simon Cowell never gave him the backing all these acts need. It is another demonstration of how calculated these shows can be. Basically, the judges spend weeks hyping these performers to the moon, saying they are the greatest performer of a generation, unique, brilliant and all sorts of wonderful platitudes. Then, they are forgotten.

We have become familiar with the reality TV show formula, all its hyping and fake novelty. The people who Cowell and his cohorts want to promote will be promoted, even if they don’t win the show. That way, the public get the winner they want, the winner usually gets a “recording contract”, is quietly dropped and consigned to history. Rinse and repeat, season after season, to the point that winning the show is rendered virtually meaningless.

Shayne Ward is an exception, because he wasn’t a tired “hard luck story.” He won the show on his merits. Cowell just lost interest in him or maybe didn’t have it to begin with. Talent can take people so far, but connections will take you further. I’m sure most of these talent show performers are financially better off than they were before signing up for their chosen talent show. Some get a mere fifteen minutes of fame, while others get the full effect of the hype machine. It is nice work if you can get it, but it is a jaded formula now.

Simon Cowell has put his all his efforts into One Direction, who were not the stars of the show. He made them that way, because he wanted to. He wanted to, because it showed he can. Simon Cowell can make stars. Shayne Ward could have been an even bigger star than One Direction; he possesses actual talent and could write his own material.

It must be hard to be told you are going to be next Elvis Presley, only to find you’re actually the next Aladdin in a Christmas pantomime. TV show hosts don’t care, of course. Why should they? These are just dreams being destroyed, after all. Hype and forget is part of the show. It garners ratings and phone votes. It just seems a shame that, when these shows claim to be looking for talent, they discard it with such a cold ease.

Source: Daily Mail

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