Oh, Napoleon Dy-No-Mite!

Posted 7/26/12 by D-Mac

Just happened to catch this commercial while watching “Dallas” off of the DVR. Always have to give props for actors like this.. because for every Carly Foulkes that is trying out for the role of T-Mobile girl and enters an audition surrounded by other beautiful women.. there is the flipside. A kid like this that answers auditions for weird, nerdy black kid and probably enters that casting call room and sees all of the other strange looking dudes in the room trying out for the same role.. and trudges on because even though he knows that his Scottie Pippen-esque looks are what the casting director is looking for.. he can’t really feel good about it. Gotta give props to that level of ambition rising up above self esteem. Keep on, keepin on man.

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