Kate Gosselin Dating Show?

Posted 7/25/12 by D-Mac

According to foxnews.com http://magazine.foxnews.com/kate-gosselin-reportedly-wants-reality-dating-show-would-you-watch

Kate Gosselin is reportedly gearing up to give love another go — on her very own reality dating show, according to E! Online.

Gosselin, who rose to fame on “Jon & Kate Plus 8” (later renamed “Kate Plus 8”) and the 10th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” is reportedly shopping her new series to various networks. The details of Kate’s show have not yet been confirmed, but a source told E! Online that the divorced mother of eight “finds it hard to meet men in her day to day life, and so a dating show will give her exactly the help she needs. She is willing to travel around the country in order to meet Mr Right.”

Let’s see..  Has 8 kids? Check.

Emsaculated her husband on national television for years to the point that he started wearing Ed Hardy shirts and viewed his own kids as acceptable collateral damage as he just needed to really get the hell out of there? Check.

Has come across as nothing but an ice cold bitch on any form of media she has ever appeared on (talk shows, Dancing with the Stars, etc..)? Check.

Had the worst haircut in history of reality television and had women imitate it? Check.

Honestly, if they actually go through with this show.. at the casting call a group of psychologists that treat men with codependency disorders should set up a fake sign pointing to a different building for tryouts.. and then rustle the poor bastards up like cattle and whisk them away for serious therapy.

And just cause it exists.. here’s a video of cattle being rounded up using a remote control car..


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