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Dad, Come Quick.. This Lady’s Bitching About Being Old

Posted 7/31/12 by D-Mac

Gotta love NYC television.. where you step out of the room for a second and the kids are cracking up over swear words from a hospital commercial. Hilarious.

Talent show kills the Music star…

Posted 7/30/12 by Paul

In 2005, Shayne Ward was he standout performer in the UK’s version of “X Factor.” He had the look, charisma, the judges were up his backside (metaphorically, at least) and he nailed every performance. He was destined for superstardom, having won the show and a heap of plaudits. No sooner had the confetti been cleaned […]

Oh, Napoleon Dy-No-Mite!

Posted 7/26/12 by D-Mac

Just happened to catch this commercial while watching “Dallas” off of the DVR. Always have to give props for actors like this.. because for every Carly Foulkes that is trying out for the role of T-Mobile girl and enters an audition surrounded by other beautiful women.. there is the flipside. A kid like this that […]

A Valuable Lesson for R-Pattz

Posted 7/26/12 by D-Mac

Well, according to the dailymail–yet.html Robert Pattinson is still in shock over Kristen Stewart cheating on him with her Snow White and the Hunstman director. Now sure, you could say that their whole relationship has just been a publicity stunt and they were contractually obligated to be “dating” until the last of the movies […]

Video games don’t kill people. People do…

Posted 7/25/12 by Paul

As soon as a tragedy strikes, it is inevitable that debates will rage about gun control and the influence on society of violent video games and movies. It becomes a tired topic, steeped in political ideology and pop psychology. Experts get trotted out on talk shows, all wanting their fifteen minutes of fame, all attempting […]

Kate Gosselin Dating Show?

Posted 7/25/12 by D-Mac

According to Kate Gosselin is reportedly gearing up to give love another go — on her very own reality dating show, according to E! Online. Gosselin, who rose to fame on “Jon & Kate Plus 8” (later renamed “Kate Plus 8”) and the 10th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” is reportedly shopping […]

Men Are From Tommy Lee Jones, Women Are From Harrison Ford

Posted 7/25/12 by D-Mac

I pretty much keep on top of my Facebook newsfeed on a daily basis. I don’t post all that much.. Occasionally, I’ll give a “Like” to something.. Very rarely, will I comment on other people’s postings… but every single day, I read everything that is posted and appears on my newfeed. I don’t even know […]

Stars Of The Eighties – What Happened To Them?

Posted 7/24/12 by jackshit

The stars of the eighties…ever wondered what happened to Doogie Howser or Punky Brewster? Because we’re the good guys you love online, we took the time and the trouble to gather some interesting details on their lives post the eighties. Enjoy your reading and feel free to browse the rest of our site for some […]