Yet Another Case of the Tail Wagging the Dog

Posted 10/17/11 by D-Mac

General Motors Co. is killing an advertisement aimed at college students after receiving complaints that it makes fun of people who use bicycles for transportation.

That ad has a headline stating, “reality sucks” and depicts a nerdy looking guy wearing a helmet and riding a bicycle being passed by a cute young woman in the passenger seat of a car. It then goes on to say, “Stop pedaling … start driving” and provides information about discount pricing for GM products such as the new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic subcompact sedan and the giant GMC Sierra 1500 truck.

The ad ran in a variety of college newspapers and was turned into a poster that was displayed campuses, according to the automaker.

The advertisement was widely panned on a variety of cycling blogs and in complaints to the company.

“The content of the ad was developed with college students and was meant to be a bit cheeky and humorous and not meant to offend anybody,” said Tom Henderson, a GM spokesman.

“We have gotten feedback and we are listening and there are changes underway.  They will be taking the bicycle ad out of the rotation…. We respect bikers and many of us here are cyclists,” he said.

Alright, you gotta be shitting me here. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a Lambda four foot tall…  I mean, really? Pulling an advertisement because it offends people that ride a bicycle for transportation? This is a legitimate group of people that we have to worry about offending now? So do I have to give the gratuitous look in both directions to make sure no bicyclists are around when I make fun of my kids for wearing their dorky helmets when they ride their bikes to the playground?

Sure that ad up there does have the underlying message of “Nobody’s ever gotten laid because a chick dug their bicycle..” but first off, it’s not coming right out and saying it.. and secondly, that’s a completely true statement, so what’s the problem? How is that offensive? It’s not like they put a likeness of Lance Armstrong up there pulling up next to the car with the tagline.. “Dude, grow a pair and buy a car.” Now THAT would be offensive.. and funny as balls.


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