What Year is This Again?

Posted 10/17/11 by D-Mac



Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has long complained that people have treated him like a music industry joke, a punch line to the question, “Seriously, what’s with that dude in the backward red baseball cap?”

But the nu-metal maestro may have the final laugh thanks to a deal he recently signed with CBS and CBS TV Studios to develop a half-hour sitcom. According to Deadline Hollywood, Durst will star in and produce the untitled show, which has a not-ready-for-primetime working title that perfectly fits the “Nookie” singer’s self-deprecating image: “Douchebag.”

CBS has committed to looking over a script for the show, which centers on a “rock legend looking for balance between his high-profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family.” The script is being written by Matthew Carlson (“Mr. Sunshine”), who will also serve as executive producer.

Self-deprecating image? Fred Durst?! Does CBS even know who this guy is? This was a guy that everyone thought was a douchebag because he took himself so seriously.. when he had all of the musical gravitas of a random kid moaning in the seconds leading up to shitting his pants after his mom’s Taco Tuesday. Whatever-Dude made fun of this guy constantly back in the day.. Hell, Randazzo even wrote a whole post about what a pretentious asshole this guy was: http://www.whatever-dude.com/posts/233.shtml 

Yeah, it’s really self-deprecating for this guy who is a forgotten footnote in the music industry to try and base a show around himself as a “rock legend” looking to balance family life and a career. Sorry, dude.. in this day and age, the only things rock legends can get in the entertainment industry are reality shows about their day to day lives.. If that’s all Gene Simmons can get nowadays, even though KISS was arguably the biggest band in the world for a time and he has actual acting experience (playing the villain the Tom Selleck 80’s  classic “Runaway”).. what on earth makes Fred Durst think he deserves a sitcom and who the hell would write one for him? And on CBS no less? Angela Lansbury must be rolling over in her grave.. and you know what Fred would say to her?    

Keep on rollin, baby!


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