Comedians Turned Actors

Posted 9/16/10 by jackshit

Comics – we all love. Actors – it takes quite a list of things to come across a really talented one nowadays, with all the wannabe actors in Hollywood. Many talented comics decided to take the step from playing the clown to acting. These are huge steps for any career, and today I decided to bring a few of these folks into the spotlight. So stay tuned, relax, and check out a few of the most prolific comics turned actors of our times.


Sacha Baron Cohen – Borat, Ali G, Bruno, Admiral General Aladeen

You might know him from movies like Borat, Bruno, or The Dictator and Ali G. the characters he personally created debuted on the small screen – if you are familiar with the Paramount Comedy Channel and the famous 11 O' Clock Show, you might also be familiar with his amazing Ali G solo spin-off episodes. His silliness and cutting satires brought him an immense success, especially with movies like Borat or The Dictator. He won an Academy Award nomination for the Best Adapted Screenplay and he won the Golden Globe for the title of the Best Actor. Although he is British, the American public received him with arms wide open.  


Woody Allen – Radical Career Change

Few of you might know Woody Allen’s career actually started as a comedian. We was a young gag writer who did pieces of may TV comics, he soon became a stand-up comedian and his punch-liners became incredibly popular in the sixties. He then started writing plays for Broadway and bringing his contribution to the New Yorker. Writing scripts for films was the natural career step he was not shy to take, and he managed to win 3 Academy Awards for Best Screenplay, Actor, and Director he was nominated 21 times and counting.


Dan Aykroyd – Driving Miss Daily And Other Masterpieces

You might know Dan Aykroyd from the Saturday Night Live show. He co-starred the Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers. His appearances in movies like driving Miss Daisy or My Girl turned him into one of the most appreciated comedians turned actors of his time. Driving Miss Daisy actually brought him the nomination for the Supporting Actor Oscar.


Charismatic Jim Carrey

You might know him form movies like Ace Ventura or The Mask. But he first started out as a stand-up comedian and also as a stint on In Living Color, an American sketch show. His easily recognizable body contortionism and observational humour helped him achieve fame and a well-deserved heart into the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. The last decade brought Jim Carrey to us in a series of movies that were more on the serious side, though still kept his charm on the screen. The Truman Show and Man On The Moon are just a couple of fine examples in this regard.

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