By the Time I Get to Arizona…

Posted 7/29/10 by D-Mac

Back in the early 90’s, the state of Arizona was refusing to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday as a national holiday. This led to boycotts, uproar and the influential rap group Public Enemy releasing a song with the aforementioned title. What does this have to do with the current situation with the new anti-illegal immigrant crackdown proposed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Last month, the media was grasping at straws trying to bring up past slights against African-Americans and using them to portray Arizona as this historically racist state that is setting its sights on Hispanics. If anything, black people should be downright insulted that their plight and truly one of the greatest Americans of the last century, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  is even being associated with this. That’s the kicker.. everyone has become so used to this “Whites vs. Everybody Else” story that they’ve been selling us for the last fifty years that people don’t even look at the issues anymore.

What is going on in Arizona has nothing to do with race. It’s not whites against hispanics. It’s Americans vs. Illegal Immigrants. It’s business as usual in the media though, trying to portray whites as racist, close-minded bigots trying to hold another race of people down. I am a 35 year old white male. I am by all accounts what would be considered middle class. I wake up and go to work every Monday through Friday. I come home and help my kids with their homework and take them to their sporting events and other activities. On most days, I am up at 5:00am, at my desk at 6:30am, leave the office late in the afternoon and by the time the kids are in bed and I have a moment to myself, all I want to do is just sit on the couch, watch a little tv and get a decent night’s sleep so I can get up and do it all over again. I mow my own lawn. I put food on the table. Every once in a while, I take the kids to McDonald’s because it’s a special treat that they enjoy. My income taxes, social security contributions, etc. are automatically deducted from my paycheck. I get my health care through my employer. I lie awake at night sometimes just thinking about how much college is going to cost a decade from now when my kids are in high school and how I have nowhere near enough saved. Then I think about retirement and how I know I don’t have nowhere near enough saved at this point in my life. The media like to portray “white America” as either fatcat Wall Street types who light their cigars with hundred dollar bills or as ignorant rednecks living in double-wides. Either way.. it’s always a villainous portrayal. Well, you know what? I am a white American.

I am a person that was raised not  to see color. I grew up with the Cosby Show as the #1 rated show in America. I grew up listening to rap music and rock n’ roll and appreciated both equally. I get along with everyone.. blue collar, white collar, white, black, Asian, Hispanic and on a personal level, I can see that people are people and we’re all just trying to figure out what the hell we’re doing on this big rock. I am white America.

People love to throw out the term “American Dream”.. but what they seem to forget is that back in the day, with the flood of immigration through Ellis Island during the early part of the 20th Century is that the American Dream was simply to BECOME AN AMERICAN. Everything after that was gravy.. The Europeans that settled here from Italy, Ireland, Germany, etc.. assimilated into American culture. For their children’s sake, they learned how to speak English, assimilated into the culture and jumped into the melting pot. Their children were Americans and they raised them proudly as such. Our European ancestors did not come to this country and ask for America to take care of them.. they came here to take care of their families in America. They worked their asses off and the thought of a government handout was insulting to them. I don’t know about other cultures but I can say for damn sure, that the men of my grandparents generation of Italians in this country would be ashamed to even consider help from the government to financially take care of their families.

The color of my skin automatically carries the stigma of being considered some sort of racist oppressor if I say anything bad about anyone. I’ll never see an Italian-American president in my lifetime yet somehow I am supposed to feel some sort of guilt simply because of the color of my skin. White people marched with blacks during the civil rights movement, yet the only time you ever see white people in old video footage from that era, it’s spraying the hoses on black people.. and fifty years later, here we sit, with white people being intellectually oppressed and effectively muzzled by the mainstream media because god forbid if you have an opinion on anything.. the media sprays the hose on you and accuses you of being a racist. Then you have to do the little dance, defending yourself against the almighty “R” word with such ridiculous defenses as “Some of my best friends..” and by the time it’s all said and done, you’re exhausted and sorry you even opened your mouth in the first place. And African Americans.. while you’re sitting there buying into what they’re selling you about this immigration issue being another whites vs. minority battle.. all I can is, wake up… cause just like the media doesn’t give a flying f*ck about lower income white people.. you’re up next on the chopping block.

Remember when Isaiah Washington called TR Knight a “faggot” on the set of Grey’s Anatomy and a few months later he was given his walking papers because of it? That was the first taste that the plight of the African American in this country can be trumped by another group of people. You think it’s a coincidence that after the media celebrated our first African American president that all of a sudden here we are a year or so later, a different minority group has now come center stage in the media’s eye and has become their new focus? How can the media possibly sell the African American as the down trodden picked on race in American society when one of their own has reached the pinnacle of American politics? They can’t.. and they know it.. and they’re moving on.

Conflict sells. Strife sells. You look at any article on Yahoo or your local newspaper’s website about the problem of illegal immigration and you’ll see an interesting dichotomy, in that the story itself’s slant is so left wing and sympathetic towards the noble illegal immigrants, yet all of the reader comments underneath the articles have such a different opinion. The majority of Americans agree with what Arizona is doing.. they’re fed up with illegal immigrants draining our economy, taking away from our own children, making us bear the burden with supporting their families. (On a side note.. if the government really wants to go after illegal immigrants.. do it old school, like they did with Al Capone. Don’t even make race an issue.. just go after them on tax evasion. Most Americans; even bleeding heart liberals hate tax evaders.)

So here you have the media trying to slant the issue to make it seem like the majority of Americans support illegal immigrants when it’s not the case.. and the people that don’t support it are clicking on the articles and voicing their opinions and giving the news outlets what they reeeallly want.. which is clicks on their websites for ad revenue because that’s what all this bullshit is really  about.. and presto, we have our next civil rights movement burgeoning.. and guess what, sooner or later.. the lower class black people in this country are going to be cast aside like lower class white people were.. their voice completely taken away and eventually, when they finally speak up.. they might even start calling you racists for speaking your mind. How dare you speak ill against the noble illegal immigrants. Oh, it might not happen tomorrow.. or next year.. but it’s going to happen unless we give the media a new slant to the story.

And what the hell would sell better than whites and blacks as Americans coming together in solidarity to take a stand? Man, that would be something the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Apollo Creed showed up in Rocky’s corner when he went into his rematch with Clubber Lang. You guys have the president.. now is your chance to speak up.. now is your chance to step up. Pull out your race card and help us, cause pretty soon it’s going to be void in fifty states, Arizona included. Comprende?

Writer’s note – this was actually written at the beginnning of June but I didn’t go through with posting it.. but you know what, there is nothing racist about being a proud American and wanting what’s best for our citizens’ children.. so screw it. The media tries to sell it as a class warfare between the upper class and the lower class.. but the truth is, all rich people do is keep more money in their own pockets.. while it’s the illegal immigrants that  take money out of the middle and lower class’ pockets. While we’re being nickel and dimed for health care, insurance, exorbitant property taxes, illiegal immigrants are working the system. They’re dropping anchor babies and getting free health care, government subsidized housing and food. Their children are going to qualify for our middle class citizens children’s college scholarships because we make just a tad too much money and our children are going to be saddled with student loans upon graduation while people that aren’t even in this country legally’s children will walk out unburdened. The American Dream? It’s been stolen.. and I only wish all of the voices who only feel comfortable commenting on message boards and under articles can somehow find a way to get a voice to Washington and let them know that they don’t speak for us.. 

I mean, wasn’t it less than a decade ago that 9/11 happened and all of a sudden our society was rallying together  and it seemed like Hollywood was taking a backseat to real issues and now here we are worse than ever.. being inundated with Lindsay Lohan updates and a daily dose of Mel Gibson phone conversations (which are friggin great by the way.. 😉 ) while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t even talked about in the mainstream media hardly at all anymore. Are we still shellshocked by 9/11. Is the country in some sort of collective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that was compunded by the recession? Because I look at America right now and man, it’s friggin depressing. It’s just a sad state of affairs and maybe that’s just the nature of the game.. You get older and shake your head because you know how much better things used to be.. while the country just keeps rolling along.. Maybe the American Dream was just a dream all along and the reality was always this  depressing. Who the hell even knows..


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