Summing Up Why Guys Hate “Sex and the City”

Posted 5/28/10 by D-Mac

With the release of “Sex and the City 2” happening today; between all of the articles and Facebook status updates regarding it, I can’t help but feel obligated to make a little time to sit here and write my thoughts..

There seems to be two camps in regards to “Sex and the City”.. In one camp you have those that think that it’s the ultimate girl empowerment show; the flesh and blood embodiment of what it means to be a woman in today’s society and to have a close knit bunch of friends.. and in the other camp is every heterosexual guy on the planet.

For the record, I have seen pretty much every episode of SATC. I’ve also seen every episode of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Carnivale, etc.. What can I say.. I was pretty much HBO’s bitch in the early-mid 00’s.  I know all about Big and Aiden.. Miranda and Steve.. I think that Kirstin Davis is a hugely underrated piece of ass and I wouldn’t f*ck Kim Cattrall with your dick.

So here we sit in 2010 and what made SATC so laughable back then is magnified by like 1000x now. Sarah Jessica Parker started her career playing the roles of the kinda nerdy, second banana type  in shows and movies like “Square Pegs”, “Footloose”,  and “Real Genius”. She made a minor transition to attractive leading lady in movies like “Striking Distance” opposite Bruce Willis and “LA Story” with Steve Martin in the early 90’s. It was an absolute stretch even at that point to consider her hot but she had a decent body at that point in time.. so we let it slide.

Then came Sex and the City.. SJP was already past her prime and her Wicked Witch of the West facial features were in full bloom.. yet here was the media shoving her down our throats as this sexpot, fashion icon.. and every guy on the planet was like WTF. The only saving grace of SATC was that it was created by Darren Star of 90210 and Melrose Place creation fame.. and it did have good dialogue and the plots were passable and HBO promoted the shit out of it.

The thing is though.. and women can’t seem to grasp this is..  but if you didn’t have Sarah Jessica Parker as the lead, SATC wouldn’t be as divisive between men and women as the show and movies have become. Now let’s put this in terms that some female readers might understand. Imagine if you toook the show “Entourage” (which was basically marketed as SATC for guys from the get-go).. but instead of Adrian Grenier as the lead.. you cast Steve Buscemi..

Alright, so we have a show about Steve Buscemi and his pals.. Now if you had every media outlet try and portray Buscemi and his character as the ultimate single male in his 30’s.. dating attractive women.. being a guy that every guy aspires to be with the keenest fashion sense (even if he dresses like a complete retard – and let’s face it.. the whole image of SJP getting splashed while wearing a tutu by a bus in the opening credits would be like equivalent of Buscemi playing football and getting tackled into a mud puddle while wearing M.C. Hammer pants). You could put up a show of Citizen Kane quality.. but you could never get around the fact that  the lead character looks like Steve Buscemi.. Be completely honest. If you saw Buscemi having two chicks fighting over him.. you’d think the show was bullshit.

And that’s why guys don’t like SATC.

So taking that into consideration..

Put a big ass hat on Buscemi and you’d get the equivalent of the picture above.. Now..  you’re going to tell me that guys don’t like SATC because they don’t “get it”.. It’s a girl thing. I wouldn’t understand? Come on ladies; give guys a little more credit. Guys don’t like Sex and the City because of Sarah Jessica Parker and the media trying to portray her as a sex symbol and not as something you would shield your children’s eyes from if she was walking by you. It’s as simple as that..


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  1. Wow... Says:

    It’s been a long time, but it’s awesome to see W-D back in action. I loved the old site, and will probably love this one as well.

    Excellent point about SATC. Couldn’t they have found someone to play this role who is actually a sex symbol?

  2. Tracey Says:

    Lemme help you out Dave — one woman’s point of view. . .I couldn’t agree more!

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    Really funny, Dave. Thanks!

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  9. WhateverDood Says:

    Could not agree more with you. Sarah Jessica Parker is gross!

  10. Free2Be Says:

    I’m a guy. I actually like the movie.

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    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I’m gonna rent the movie and see if I agree!

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    Yeah, that was on the money!

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  24. Jay D Says:

    I’ve thought the same thing about Grey’s Anatomy — how the hell do they take the nerdy guy from all of the ’80s movies and call him dreamy?