Freeze, Roboto!!

Posted 4/5/10 by D-Mac

So, I was surfing the intertubes over the weekend and saw this article linked over at

I had completely forgotten how awesome commercials for He-Man toys were back in the day. All of the commercials for kids toys nowadays are so slickly produced that it kind of takes away from the products themselves. The He-Man commercials were so simplistic.. put a couple of kids next to each other playing with the toys, doing the voices themselves and not only do you have a commercial that’s effective enough to make kids want the toys.. but it leaves you with a budget to do a lot of commercials. Hell, He-Man practically had a commercial for each individual new action figure when it came out.

This commercial linked in the article completely cracked me up. Seriously, watch this.. and just put your arrow right at about the 0:07 mark and replay from 0:07-0:11 over and over again a few times.

The kid second from the left deserves some sort of award.. cause I don’t know if the director asked him to freeze along with the action figure or if it was just an impromptu acting decision.. cause it’s not really necessary.. but man, does this kid sell the shit out of it. You almost have to question whether or not it’s some sort of camera trick.  

Now, when you go back and watch it a second time, focus on the kid all the way to the left playing Skeletor. How into it is he? Then watch it a third time and focus on the two of them and tell me you don’t want to buy Skeletor with dragon shaped Binaca on his shoulder? Hell, I might just have to go on Ebay and buy that Skeletor, put a little Scope in the dragon and go hit the bars this weekend. <squirt><squirt> “Helllloooo, ladies.”


(The “squirt. squirt.” sound effect was me spraying the Scope in my mouth.. and not the sound of the ladies reaction when I approach.  😉 )

2 Responses to “Freeze, Roboto!!”

  1. JCC Says:

    Damn, I’d forgotten how cool those were. I had pretty much all of those toys, too, so it brought back some sweet memories. And the kid that froze… brilliant.

  2. James May Says:

    Hi there, I’ve been reading your weblog for about a month now. So I just decided to stop lurking and say hi 🙂