Well, You Learn Something New Everyday..

Posted 3/19/10 by D-Mac

I was just getting all set to do a little Friday morning post about how  I was home one afternoon packing last week and I had ESPN on in the background.. which led to me being exposed to the “Consolidated Credit” commercial about fifteen times over a two hour span..

Now my initial observation was simply going to be.. “Where did they find this guy.. sitting at the end of dive bar with a half finished pack of cigarettes on the counter in front of him?”

But upon looking at Youtube, the related videos were for “Paul Michael Glaser”.. and that name seemed awfully familiar, so I did a quick IMDB search… which led to the realization of “Holy crap, that’s Starsky from Starsky and Hutch”?! How did I not know that? And why on Earth, do they not give this guy credit as a paid endorser by putting his name up on the screen when he appears. I mean, c’mon.. Paul Michael Glaser with “Television’s “Starsky”” in quotes underneath.. shouldn’t be that hard.

Then upon further review of his IMDB page and this is where the truly baffling information came to light.

I usually pride myself on knowing useless information when it comes to movies and television and the fact that Starsky directed not only “The Running Man” which for my money is one of the most underrated movies of the 80’s and one of the most truly most satiricly accurate predictors of the future (with the whole reality television craze) ever seen on celluloid.

He then followed that up by directing “The Cutting Edge” which really is a hell of a lot more entertaining and has a ton more rewatchability value than the material deserves. I gotta say, the reason for that is for the performances that Glaser got out of D.B. Sweeney (who really had a natural charisma that should’ve allowed him to be an early 90’s star of a Paul Rudd variety).. and Moira Kelly who was cute as a button but could never really parlay that into anything special and eventually got stuck languishing in early 2000’s One Tree Hill obscurity.

Then Glaser followed those up with “The Air Up There” which was basically an hour and a half long version of the quick joke scene in Airplane! where Robert Hays is teaching natives to play basketball.. stretched out to become a documentary style movie about the late 80’s/early 90’s Georgetown basketball program  recruiting process starring Kevin Bacon.

Then Glaser directed “Kazaam”, the movie that launched Shaquille O’Neal into the acting stratosphere.. and his mainstream directing career ended abruptly right there.

And now here he is in a Consolidated Credit commercial that gets played every five minutes on daytime television. Hollywood sure is a strange bird sometimes.



“Rewatchability value?” 😉

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