Great Moments in Dawson’s Creek History

Posted 2/18/10 by D-Mac

Hi.. and welcome to my show.

As Paul touched upon in his re-introduction post a few days ago, the technology and ease of finding information on the intertubes has increased exponentially in the past few years. I remember scrounging around for pictures and oh so rare video clips wishing that there was one centralized location to find these things. Lo and behold, Google Image Search and Youtube have made such dreams a reality. And since I apparently have a genie that grants wishes on a time delay basis of a few years, I’d like to just go ahead and place my order now for..

Ha.. I didn’t even say anything!  And while off-topic, I truly do think that Mike’s Hard Lemonade missed out on a golden marketing opportunity back in the day by not using a compilation of some of the six pack carriers of their product strolling through the door on the “To Catch a Predator” series as a commercial back in the day. That, my friends, would’ve been advertising gold… but I digress.

Whereas back then we had to use our memories and nostalgia to write about things from the past; now with the magic of Youtube and millions of video clips at our disposal, it opens up a hole new avenue of possibilities. The thing that I am starting to learn is that when you see moments you haven’t seen in years and can watch them from a different perspective than when you first saw them.. you catch things you tooootally missed the first time out.

Take this first one for example. I remember watching this Season One episode of Dawson’s Creek when it aired and if you had asked me a few years ago about this scene, I would have just simply remembered it as the scene when young Josephine Potter entered the school talent show and sang “On My Own” from Les Miserables as her not so subtle way of telling the Dawson that she wasn’t just that little girl climbing up the ladder to his house anymore but a young woman madly in love with him. Of course, Dawson should’ve already figured out that she was into him because let’s face it.. if you are in high school and you have an E.T. poster still hanging up in your room and a girl not only doesn’t run out of the room laughing but still wants to sleep over in your bed with you.. chances are pretty good that you can  just whip it out, exclaim, “Hey, want to see my Spielberg?” and it’s going to go down.

Seeing this video now though, I would have to say that this is the scene where the director told James Vanderbeek that his motivation was thus:

“Alright now, James. You’ve been chasing Jen Lindley around ever since she moved into Gramms’ house… but you have this girl, Joey, who you’ve been friends with forever who has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. You just don’t look at her in that way though. Now though, she’s going to be up on stage singing this song and it’s going to be like she’s singing to your soul and it will truly be like you’re seeing her for the first time.”

“Alright, I think I know how I’m going to play it..”

“You didn’t let me finish.. Now, not only are you seeing her for the first time.. but I want you to picture that you’re a vampire.. and you haven’t eaten in weeks.”

“Wait.. what?”

“Just trust me on this.. you’re a vampire and you haven’t fed in weeks and I want you to look at Katie like you’re just noticing how beautiful and delicious she looks. Matter of fact, why don’t you give a quick look to Michelle, lick your lips and then stare at Katie like if the crowd of people weren’t there right now you’d run across the stage and devour her like a wildebeast. Matter of fact.. that’s your new name for this scene… you’re James Vanderbeast. Now let’s see what you can do!”

(at the 0:55 mark)

Yes, James. Yes! You nailed it. Hit it outta the park! Look everybody.. it’s “one take” Vanderbeast up there!

(Later in the parking lot.. the director watches as Jason Priestley walks out from behind a bush with a five dollar bill in his outstretched hand)

“Ha.. and you bet me there would never be a bigger douche for a lead character on a television show than Brandon Walsh. Fork it over, Priestley..”

This second one doesn’t nearly need as elaborate a set-up. Let’s just say that  from the 0:54-0:59 mark.. you’re thinking it.. you’re thinking it.. you’re thinking it.. and at the 1:00 mark the cameraman’s thinking it too and delivers!!!! Give that man an award!

(leaving on the high note because let’s face it, you could be Ernest Hemingway and there’s nothing you could possibly write that would be able to top a pair of perfect swinging C’s)


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