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Sprint is racist..

Posted 2/26/10 by D-Mac

Oh sure,  they show the black woman working in the office.. but what does she have to do? Turn it into a dance party.. And not only that, but it looks like “the man” took all the sista’s rhythym. I’ve seen better moves than that from someone who just accidentally stubbed their toe.. As opposed […]

What Makes You Happy?

Posted 2/25/10 by D-Mac

It’s a simple question that I don’t think most of us look in the mirror and ask ourselves enough.. and even when we do, I don’t think we spend enough time trying to answer honestly. Think about all of the hours of your day. Think about all of the time you spend reading about, watching television […]

Apollo Creed: Overrated…

Posted 2/22/10 by Paul

The saga of Rocky Balboa is one which has captivated audiences and nauseated critics for over thirty years now. The movie represents one of the great underdog stories, a symbol of the American dream. There are some darker themes in the series and, when I had a chance to rewatch some of the movies a […]

“500 words Dave, lets get it going”

Posted 2/22/10 by D-Mac

So, I’m sitting here at work and I receive an e-mail with the aforementioned subject line at approximately 10:38am. The body of the e-mail contains no words.. only this link: It’s a funny thing.. I have a degree in Finance from Villanova University. I am experienced in securities lending, repurchase agreement brokerage, residential and commerical […]

Great Moments in Dawson’s Creek History

Posted 2/18/10 by D-Mac

As Paul touched upon in his re-introduction post a few days ago, the technology and ease of finding information on the intertubes has increased exponentially in the past few years. I remember scrounging around for pictures and oh so rare video clips wishing that there was one centralized location to find these things. Lo and behold, Google Image Search and Youtube have made […]

The Judgmental Rookie

Posted 2/16/10 by D-Mac

I’ll never forget the summer after my son Max was born, my ex-wife and I were down at Seaside (which some of you non-New Jersey residents now know as the home of the cultural phenomenon “Jersey Shore”.. but for us born and bred Jersey folk.. Seaside Heights has always been a cultural phenomenon for as […]

So long, Swayze…

Posted 2/16/10 by Paul

Death brings its own peculiar platitudes and hollowness. Even though the only certainty in life is death, it brings up a certain kneejerk reaction. Certain platitudes are bestowed on the deceased, even where it’s not appropriate to do so. It’s inevitable that when someone dies, particularly when it’s a celebrity, there will be a ringing […]

“Hello” seems to be the hardest word…

Posted 2/14/10 by Paul

When Dave told me he had the itch and wanted to “get the band back together”, you can imagine my surprise. For one thing, I don’t recall we were ever in a band together, and secondly I didn’t think he’d be a candidate for head lice. I do hear they only go to clean heads, […]

Turn the lights on..

Posted 2/12/10 by D-Mac

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The date was May 7th, 2001 and I had just wrapped up a busy day at Bank of Tokyo.. and by busy, I mean I had spent a good portion of the morning sitting at my desk and writing an article for Whatever-Dude about the genre of […]