Playfulness in Our Pints

Posted 1/6/10 by jackshit

We often wonder about the legendary pairing of games of all kinds with drinking beers. Games and beers go together, obviously. There are probably neurological reasons that could be dug up from medical studies about what happens in the brain when people have fun.

But we don’t need any science. It’s easy enough to see what happens when people quaff a beer and then start giggling and feeling frisky. Music and games is always at the top of people’s tipsy list of things to do, right?


The Moment

Perhaps it has something to do with ‘being in the moment’. When we play a game (just about anything, really) we have to pay attention to what is happening now, because the now-moment is when games happen. And, when we’re loopy on a nutritious beer this feeling happens in the now moment as well. Fun happens in the now!

This happy intersection between games and beer, or, fun-making and drink-enjoying, is probably also connected with being spontaneous. That quality of spontaneity, of seizing the moment as well as being in it, is obviously something that folks do value about a nice soft spirit like a microbrew

Once again, we find this same sense of time — when you are responding to the moment in perfect step with what’s happening — is mandatory for playing your favorite game (regardless of how well you play it!).


Heightened Drive

Something else about these two pastimes that is right under our noses — a feeling of greater enthusiasm and even desire (romance, for example). That fits more in the case of games in which something at stake, of course.

There should be no surprise that people find watching a great sports game so much better on a good beer buzz: the desire to see one’s team succeed is stronger!

We could relate this with a generally heightened sense of competition or risk, in some of us. We’re gutsier on our buzzes, whether it’s a question of asking a girl to dance or laying some dosh on the team.


A Wager on Fun

It’s seems obvious enough in this last connection that various kinds of gambling have also been enjoyed along with liquor or beer-swigging, all in good fun. But be careful not to bet too much when you’re feeling so groovy!

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